Bathing Suits

How to Shop for Competitive Bathing Suits

The worlds of competitive bathing suits and normal fashion bathing suits are very far part indeed. Whereas the right bathing suits often means finding something that accentuates your features just right or has the best and most fashionable designs, when shopping for competitive bathing suits, you should be looking for some very different attributes. The right competitive swimwear will give you the added performance boost that you need to win the race or time trial. The wrong competitive swimwear will end up dragging on you, holding you back from doing the best that you can do. Most importantly, competitive swimwear is made of different material than fashion bathing suits, and will survive many hours spent in chlorinated pools. Normal bathing suits will begin to wear and fall apart after spending too long in a pool.

Size is a very important consideration when shopping for competitive swimwear. You will find it impossible to perform well if you choose the wrong size of bathing suits. Spend the time necessary to find just the right fit, because this is probably going to be the number one influence on how you perform in the pool. Take the time to measure yourself with some measuring tape if any is handy. Measure as accurately as possible, without wearing anything that might distort the measurements. The most important areas to measure are the waist, the bust, and the length of your torso. Measure from the shoulder down to the waistline in order to get the right torso results.

Competitive swimwear comes in a number of varieties, each with a different intended function. Bathing suits optimized for speed are going to lack many conveniences, such as a liner, and their zippers will be found high on the back. These suits will also usually lack bust support, going instead for the tightest fit possible to promote efficiency through the water. To survive the acidic environment of a pool, these suits are commonly made out of spandex or nylon. Despite this, however, the chlorine will eventually wear away at the suit. When the suit begins to lose its snugness or any rips develop, it is time for a new suit.

If speed is not your absolute topmost concern, then you may be able to get away with a little more comfort. Some competitive bathing suits come with the comfort features of other suits, such as bust support. Although bust support and other features may create a little drag in the water, this may be worth it if you are going to be spending a lot of time in the water. Athletic activities such as water aerobics are a good example of when bathing suits such as this would be appropriate. Bathing suits with bust support will still perform well, but will make extended time in the pool far more comfortable than a tight fitting racing suit.

Competitive swimwear comes in a variety of colors and designs, just as other bathing suits do. Simply because you are shopping for competitive swimwear does not mean you have to settle for a drab black or other solid color suit. Competitive swimwear also comes in a range of colors and designs. Just as with other bathing suits, use these colors and patterns to your advantage. Bright colors and patterns drawn attention to them and emphasize the figure, while darker color and patterns have the opposite effect. Use this to emphasize attractive features while concealing others.